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80 Yr Old Woman Claims She’s a Virgin Because She Only Had An*l Sex


80 Yr Old Woman Claims She’s a Virgin Because She Only Had An*l Sex

Some grandmas bake cookies, play pinacle, and talk about their latest crochet project. Some grandmas, like 80-year-old Betty Green, like to talk about an*l sex. When Betty was a young child, she dreamed about living in a monastery as a nun. She’s fulfilled that dream when she was 18 and continued that service until she was 35. At age 36, she adopted two beautiful children and remained unmarried throughout her life.

Betty is proud about a lot of things she has accomplished in her life. But there’s one thing she’s extremely proud of – the fact that she is still a virgin at age 79. “I’ve had several relationships over the years. As a matter of fact, I still date a couple gentlemen here and there to keep myself busy,” said Betty. “But one thing I never gave up was the va-jay-jay… Nope! I’ve given up the ‘bobo’, but I pride myself on my virginity. I was taught many years ago in Catholic school that the other two holes don’t count. Just the hole that squeezes out those babies.”

Betty said she has no problem getting dates. When she tells her gentlemen friends that she’s still a virgin, their eyes light up with surprise. But when she tells them what she is “willing to do,” their eyes light up even bigger. “You’d be surprised how many men want to go on a second date,” Betty said. “That ‘bobo’ keeps them coming back for more!”

Betty says she has always practiced safe sex, and encourages young girls to do the same. “There’s no reason to risk an unwanted pregnancy, especially at such a young age,” Mildred advises. “Have fun and be safe and keep your virginity all at the same time!”

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