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Miley Cyrus Makes Announcement That Has Shocked The World


Miley Cyrus Makes Announcement That Has Shocked The World

Miley Cyrus has a broke the Internet this morning, once again – but this time her announcement is something that has shocked the entire world. “I’m so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world, Miles. Can’t wait for you to get to know him/me,” Miles Ray Cyrus.

The announcement came after what friends and family members are calling “a lifelong struggle that has finally come to an end.” According to sources close to Miley, now Miles, this has been something she has talked about for a long time. Just last year Miley supported #InstaPride on her Instagram page, showing her support for “transgender and gender expansive” people.

Around the same time, her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, made a comment that had people thinking. He told People Mag in an interview last June, “I hear I might become a father of another son. I just want my daughter to be happy with who she is.” When Billy Ray was asked what he meant by that, he said he was unable to elaborate on the subject. He did say that it was going to be a controversy they were well prepared to handle.

So we applaud Miles and welcome him to his new life. We can’t wait to see what the plans are for his future!

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