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Mom Arrested For Bleaching Baby’s Skin To Pull Off Paternity Scam


Mom Arrested For Bleaching Baby’s Skin To Pull Off Paternity Scam

Some people will go to great lengths to make their lies believable. One South African mother has learned the hard way about the consequences of lies. Not only did she most likely lose the man in her life, she’s also lost custody of her daughter and she’s facing disturbing charges. As bizarre as it sounds, she bleached the baby’s skin in hopes of making her skin tone lighter and things just spiraled downhill from there. But, here’s how it all started.

But, here’s how it all started.

The Questionable Pregnancy:
When Tinyiko Mkhesani became pregnant, her boyfriend wasn’t exactly excited about the idea of fatherhood. However, his reasons had nothing to do with his lack of desire to be a parent. Apparently, he was apprehensive about whether or not the baby was his. From the time she discovered she was pregnant, he had reservations. Her boyfriend, who is reportedly light-skinned, believed she’d been cheating on him and her latest actions may be proof that there was a legitimate reason for his speculation. Shortly after the baby was Tinyiko sinister plan to convince her boyfriend the baby was his.

A Disturbing Plan:
The 19-year-old mother began bleaching her son’s skin. It has been reported that she did so repeatedly using a known product called Movate. The cosmetic cream is commonly used for skin lightening.

Although many adults have used the cream with successful results, unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan because the baby’s soft skin could not take the harsh chemicals. Almost immediately after she began applying the cream, the baby’s skin began peeling.

As the baby’s skin worsened, her mother forced her to seek medical attention. Then, she was questioned by police about the baby’s injuries and admitted she’d been bleaching the baby’s skin. The baby is still recovering from the bleach wounds and Tinyiko has been arrested.

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