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Waiter Drops Everything To Help Feed Man With Cerebral Palsy Who Has Trouble Eating


Waiter Drops Everything To Help Feed Man With Cerebral Palsy Who Has Trouble Eating

#1 Lee Bondurant
51-year-old Lee Bondurant is a North Carolina native with cerebral palsy, but he remains as independent as he possibly can. However Lee’s biggest problem is with eating, as he’s unable to use his hands so he requires help from his mother Linda.
#2 A Night Out
Lee and his mom decided to go out for dinner to the 42nd Street Oyster Bar, where they were introduced to their waiter who was a college student named Five. The young waiter noticed Lee’s mother struggling to feed him…”Seafood is best eaten hot, so I didn’t want her food to get cold. I didn’t want his food to get cold,” said Five, “I just wanted to help a fellow man out.” He walked over to the two and offered to help Lee eat his food.
#3 An Act Of Kindness
“He casually came over and asked Lee if he had ever had oysters… Lee told him he had not. So, [Five] asked [if he] could he serve him his first. It was smooth not to embarrass Lee. Just offering [to] share in the experience.” Lee doesn’t usually like for strangers to feed him, but was very grateful for the offer. “I genuinely appreciated what he did, an act of kindness,” Lee told ABC News.
#4 Kind People Do Exist
Linda took a picture while Five fed Lee his food, posting it on Facebook writing high praise for the kind waiter. The image was eventually shared 1,300 times. “I’m going into the gas station and somebody wants to buy me gas, I’m like ‘no!'” Five said – he didn’t realize he was an internet hero until his boss told him of the photo. “I’m glad I met Five, he’s a real good friend of mine,” Lee said.”I’m very blessed, it shows there are good people in the world still.”

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