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WATCH: Dogs Reaction After Baby Poops in Diaper


WATCH: Dogs Reaction After Baby Poops in Diaper

If you’ve ever had kids or held a baby for any real length of time, you’ll be familiar with the surprisingly potent smell that the little things are capable of producing. A little squeeze and before you know if, the diaper’s full of hot nuclear poop. And you’ve gotta clear it up! Ah well, swings and roundabouts, huh? Pros and cons…

Hey, as the old book title goes, ‘everybody poops’. Even dogs (in fact, especiallydogs!). But that doesn’t mean that they have to like or put up with baby poop. As we can quite clearly see in this hilarious home video…

A baby and a dog are sharing an armchair, sitting together peacefully. Mom is filming them when the little kid makes a face that she instantly recognizes. He’s doing a number two. And when it arrives. The noise and smell have an immediate impact on the pet pooch and it’s HILARIOUS! Check it out for yourself:

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