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Woman Goes Along with Her Boyfriend to Do Drug Deal Her 1-Year-Old Son Ends Up Dead


Woman Goes Along with Her Boyfriend to Do Drug Deal Her 1-Year-Old Son Ends Up Dead

Some kids have no chance in this world, simply because of who their mother is.

After successfully carrying her baby to term and delivering a cute, healthy baby boy, Chantel Colin decided to take her 18-month old son, I’zarion Colin, along with she and her boyfriend on a drug deal gone bad.

I’zarion was in a car with his mother, his mother’s boyfriend and another child when a man with a tatted face jumped into their car in the 1500 block of Quailwood Drive in West Palm Beach, Florida.

A gun went off, hitting the toddler in the torso. The child was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center where he died days later.

The face tatted man was eventually identified as Devonte Lamar White. He was arrested on Tuesday and charged with first degree murder for killing the toddler as he tried to rob his his drug dealing step daddy, William Robinson.
At the time the crime occurred, Robinson told police he met White at a nightclub before the shooting where he agreed to supply him with the drugs.

He brought along Colin and the children in the car to carry it out, but White tried to rob him, police allege, pulling out a gun during the fight.

They began to wrestle over it and it fired, hitting the toddler in the torso.
His accused getaway driver Kenneth Smith was arrested back in 2014 after being seen fleeing in a black SUV by police on the day of the toddler’s death.

He said he didn’t initially tell police it was White who’d killed the toddler because he was afraid of him, The Palm Beach Post reports.

White is being held without bond.

R.I.P. Little Baby. I hope your trifling mama doesn’t have any more kids.

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