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Woman Leads Pregnant Mom Into Woods, Used Stun Gun, Carves Baby Out Of Womb


Woman Leads Pregnant Mom Into Woods, Used Stun Gun, Carves Baby Out Of Womb

Bowling Green, KY – Kathy Michelle Coy, a 33-year-old Kentucky woman has been charged with murder after she allegedly used a stun gun to subdue a young pregnant woman before cutting the woman’s baby out of her womb.

According to Kentucky State Police, Coy had recently suffered a miscarriage when she hatched a plan to carve a child out of another pregnant woman’s womb and call it her own.

Last Wednesday, Coy executed her plan – murdering 21-year-old Jamie Stice in a horrific manner that forced her family to vacate the courtroom in tears during Coy’s preliminary hearing.

According to police, the tragedy began when Coy led the expectant mother into a wooded area near a Kentucky freeway. That’s when Coy pulled out a stun gun and used it to immobilize her victim.

Coy then slit the woman’s throat and wrists before using the knife to cut the woman’s baby out of her womb.

Shortly after committing the crime, Coy drove to a friend’s house stating “I just had the baby, it’s here,” according to Det. Chad Winn who testified at Coy’s hearing. “She advised that Ms. Coy had no pants on and she was sitting on the placenta and female organs and holding the baby in her hands.”

Coy was then transported by ambulance to The Medical Center in Bowling Green where she presented the baby along with Stice’s uterus, ovaries, placenta and umbilical cord – which was still attached to the infant. Recognizing that something was seriously wrong, hospital staff contacted police.

When police explained to Coy that she had arrived at the hospital with most of another woman’s reproductive organs – Coy changed her story and claimed that she paid a stranger $550 for the baby boy. Police didn’t buy her story and held her on suspicion of murder.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Coy’s home and quickly found a connection between Coy and Stice through Facebook. Coy reportedly found Stice on the social networking site and introduced herself by stating “How are you? I hear you are going to be a mom.”

Coy then reportedly convinced Stice that she worked for a company that could help the young mother with baby clothing and financial assistance. She continued to build Stice’s trust by promising to help her find suitable living arrangements and other provisions the baby would need.

With mounting evidence against her, Coy eventually admitted to murdering Stice, providing investigators with the location of Stice’s remains.

Coy’s defense attorney didn’t ask any questions during the hearing and declined to have Coy testify citing her “mental health problems.” It’s a likely bet that the defense’s strategy will be one of having Coy declared mentally incompetent to stand trial.

The case will now go to the grand jury. The child’s father, Matt Jones, has stated that the infant is in good condition. A memorial shower for Jamie was held on the date originally reserved for her baby shower.

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